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Tamara Bagaturia

I’m originally from Tbilisi, Georgia. After growing up there, my family and I moved to The Netherlands where I had the great opportunity to study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Here I had the pleasure to learn more creative skills in order to express myself even clearer.
My paintings are inspired by experiences and my view on life.
Feeling passionate is the emotion I need to get lost in my paintings. This inspiration can come from everywhere. Sometimes just looking at a tree can create this feeling. Something so little can then turn in to something so beautiful. My inspiration also comes from my relations with people in my life. These experiences make me grow, which is also reflected in my art.
When I’m in this state of mind, working on one of my pieces, it feels like I can see the world through the eyes of an angel. It is my world where I can escape to. Freedom…
I don’t believe I am there yet. I feel like there is still so much to discover for me. My journey has just started. This is the reflection of me and my art. Enjoy!