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Renzo Sbolci

"It is said that it were the days of strong sea wind, the Libeccio, the trees moaned under his anger, and violent waves tore down the coast. But as we know it very well, life continuous moves on ever kind of rhythms, by storms. , calm seasons, badminton, flooding. "
The training of the artist is not linked with his city, even when the movement of the Macchiaioli (Giovanni Fattori) shoutd arise and Amedeo Modigliani born.
His cultural roots have their origin in European culture; Dutch, Russian and German abstractionism (Mondriaan, Malevich, Kandinsky); Cubism (Picasso, Bracque and Le Corbusier), the futuristic movement (Balla, Boccioni, Depero) but also the stained glass windows of Gothic architecture and the elegance of Art Nouveau.
Since the eighties, his search focuses on abstraction and the material..
Since 2000 he has felt the need to exchange canvas and brushes for wood and pencils. He wanted to transcend the painting and created works that also have the characteristics of the bas-relief. At the same time continuing using the typical technique of graph, lapis and pencils.
In this way these works were created, especially for this occasion in the Tabula Picta series, the Metope and the Totem. "

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