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Maarten Embrechts

Maarten Embrechts is a poet and a visual artist.

He was late to publish his literary work – three books so far - and to show his visual artefacts.
In his paintings, such as in the series “Written Paintings”, quite often writing and painterly figuration meet. In his series “Back to Photography” he explores the limits of painterly figuration versus photography. To eventually meet his desire for a more tactile mode of expression, he is also active as a sculptor.

-In 2014 Maarten Embrechts presented an overview of his paintings at ‘t Hofke van Chantraine (Oud-Turnhout).
-In 2016 he participated with sculptures and paintings at the Summer exhibition of De Flierefluiter (Hilvarenbeek NL).
-In 2018 Witte Kamers, a series of paintings of women suffering of dementia were exhibited at Id + Art (Hamme).
-In March 2019 paintings, sculptures and the series Back to Photography were shown at Galerie 23 (Liège).

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