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Lucienne Stassaert

As remarked at one of her exhibitions the paintings of poet and writer Lucienne Stassaert are "intimate reflections of the state of the soul in relationship with time and space".
One of the main characteristics of her work is the portrayal of that imagined trinity, with figures appearing or disappearing in an area, which leads to a dialogue of an abstracted space with the solitary creatures on the move.
Therefore she preferably calls her work “reflections”.

Her retrospective at Het Elzenveld (Antwerp) was followed by exhibitions at a.o. “Art Gallery Charlotte of Lorraine” (Tervuren), “De Bijl” (Zoersel), “id + Center for Word, Image and History” (Hamme) as well as "Out of a Box" (Antwerp).

A publication with an overview of her visual art, with an epilogue by Roger de Neef, edited by Uitgeverij P, is sold out.

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