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Jerzy "Jurgen" Rymar

Jerzy "Jurgen" Rymar - studied painting at the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts where he obtained his diploma with distinction in 1986. In 1987 he received the scholarship of the Minister of Culture. The artist is recognized as a representative of Polish social realism in the 1980s. Spiritually associated with the counterculture of the late 70's and 80's, he created a visual record of punk rebellion.
Jerzy Rymar is a co-founder of the "Inter-Art" Group operating under the patronage of the Pomorski Dom Nadziei. The group supports artists struggling with addiction problems, lost in life and having problems with returning to society. Over the last 10 years, this group has organized exhibitions and concerts of over 20 artists from Poland, Germany and USA.
The artist is one of the precursors of Polish artistic tattoo.

The exhibitions:
1986 "Our Generation" -Gdańsk
1987 "The Clash - portraits" - Gdansk gallery "Inlet"
1988 "Arsenał 88" Warsaw
1988 Drawing Biennial in Katowice
1991 together with Piotr Żurawski establishes the first studio of artistic tattoo in Poland.
In 2006, he created a collection of 27 portraits of John Paul II "In Search of Hope."
The second edition of this exhibition was opened by the President of Poland.
Both editions were watched by over a million people.
2007 Inter-Art and friends - Malbork
2008 "Inter Art & Cowboys from Hell" at the castle in Sztum, "Rock Star" a series of portraits
2008 "History of the Pauline Order in paintings" Krakow monastery
2009 "Pre-war Gdynia in Pastels" Galeria Akwarium in Gdynia
2015 The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at the Open'er Festival "Nobody will take our youth" - a collective exhibition
2017 Gdańsk City Gallery "New Situations The 3-City Art of the 1980s" - collective exhibition
2018 "Down on the street" Rymar / Kutolowski Oliwa's City Hall of Culture Gdańsk
2018 "Down on the street" Rymar / Kutolowski Coffee Planet, Wroclaw

Jerzy Rymar Jerzy Rymar Jerzy Rymar
Jerzy Rymar Jerzy Rymar