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Dieter’s interest in painting was first sparked at a young age by a watercolour that hung in the house of his parents. This watercolour captured his imagination and he wondered how it would be to be able to do this himself.
Except for drawing during his classes, he forgot about his aspirations to become a painter. Then, at the age of 18, he visited a group exhibition of his cousin where he saw a painting and he knew this was something he at least wanted to give a chance.

Through this he decided to finish his high school at the Kunsthumaniora.
After this he painted for 2 years on his own, developing a stronger interest in the medium and an artistic practice of his own. Then he decided that he wanted to study fine arts to broaden his cultural knowledge.

He enrolled at the Sint Lucas academy and graduated as a bachelor in fine arts. This period gave him a knowledge about the art world necessary to further develop his painting.

Dieter’s paintings talk mostly about the relation between individuals, their surroundings and the time they are living in; they talk about the existential struggle of what it means to be a human being today.
He understands his artistic practice into three parts. As an image emerges from his unconscious mind, he looks for a picture congruent with the one he sees before him or he takes the picture himself. These images are then used as the base for his painting.
This is the point where his painting process starts.

He sees the portrait, a recurring theme in his work, as a way of observing people. He does not consider it a mere representation, but the portrait is a construction of his gaze. The portrait is a mirror of who he as the observer is.
Through all of this there is a strong focus on the narrative aspect, his paintings have become storytellers and they gain a life of their own.
Then it is up to him and the viewer to read the narrative the artwork wants to tell, to decipher the story the painting wants is telling and it is up to the painting to talk to the viewer.

From this point onward the paintings are not his anymore.

Dieter De Kerf_(W)hole_120x140cm_2018_Oil on canvas Dieter De Kerf_A shadow of myself_Een schim van mezelf_40x50cm_2015_Oil on canvas
Dieter De Kerf_Dining alone_50x50cm_2016_Oil on canvas Dieter De Kerf_Staring_100x120cm_2015-2018_Oil on canvas
Dieter De Kerf_Nightmare_Nachtmerrie_120x120cm_2014_Oil on canvas