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Charlotte expresses her everyday life emotions in art.

Learning how to surf in South Africa,
Finding Nemo in the Coral Riffs,
Weighted scuba diving in Cuba and Costa Rica.

Since the start, marine fauna and flora were her biggest source of inspiration.
Waves put her in a state of awe.
To enlighten is her goal.

All universal energies trigger something very powerful. Its like, Charlotte can feel the interconnection between everything that’s called ´nature´, on this planet and beyond.

Whilst sleeping, compositions manifest in Charlotte´s dreams, waking her up eventually.
Painting frantically for hours until she finds her fill, once satisfied, she returns to sleep.

Pencils, acrylics, sheets of gold, eco resin, these are the means of creation to De Baere. Shaping and molding using her hands, forming the abstract silhouettes that she can’t express into words.

That’s why graphic art is her native tongue.

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