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Luc Meyers

Earlier work: Figurative canvases and purely abstract work exist alongside each other. Subjects often move in an urban landscape, and the bright, warm colors determine the atmosphere.
Currently, work in progress: The focus is shifted to the pose or movement of the subjects, and backgrounds have disappeared. When movement is sufficiently clear the work is finished or remains unfinished. Abstracts consist of overlapping geometrical color panes.

In the review by Paul Ilegems, lecturer in art history and contemporary art (Publication in catalog "2nd bienale of Art schools in Europe-Antwerp 1989), Ilegems describes how famous Belgian artist Fred Bervoets views Luc Meyers' paintings: "You can see that it is painted," he said after a few minutes. A pure tautology, because all paintings are painted. But Bervoets' knowledgeable statement was made in an approving tone.

This is often the case: c'est le ton qui fait la musique. Bervoets knows this like no other, and when you look closely at Luc Meyers' work, you will discover that Meyers also knows about tone and music, which is significant for a painter, because a painting without tone will tell us nothing.